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All About Luna

Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Abbronzatissima

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Luna is our second Lagotto. She is an amazing puppy. We imported her from an accomplished and respected breeder in Italy. We have slowly begun to introduce Luna to the show ring. She has her first major and a group placement in the owner handler competition. Luna is exclusively owner handled by Jan and Jeff.


Luna in the Show Ring

Luna has been showing in the AKC and IABCA puppy classes. She won IBACA reserve best puppy in show and has to date earned six points including her first major and a group four placement in the owner handler competition. We are very excited about Luna's promising show career.

Luna - Working on Canine Good Citizen Skills and Therapy Dog Certification

Luna is currently working hard on the ten canine good citizen skills. Here she is showing that she has learned to lay down and wait. She is waiting for a friend from the Ronald McDonald house to come visit.


Luna Doing Nose Work

Luna is participating in competitive nose work classes. Here she is searching for a "find" hidden in the wheel of a car. Luna excels at doing nose work.

Luna Doing Tracking

Luna has just begun a straight line tracking exercise. She loves it! Here unitard keeps her coat clean.


Luna's Tricks

Luna herself is a bag of tricks! She constantly makes us laugh. Here she is being a trickster and hiding. Luna can also sit pretty, roll over and walk on her hind legs. Luna loves to give hugs on request.

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