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All About Coco

GCH Liberte! Charlie De La Foret Des Hauts De Galgals

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Coco is our first Lagotto. Coco was imported from an accomplished and respected breeder in France. We are proud that Coco has accomplished winning her AKC Grand Championship and IABCA Silver Championship. Currently Jan and Coco are one of the top ranked national owner handler teams in the country for the 2017 season.


Coco in the Show Ring

Coco finished her championship in the 2016-2017 season. She is currently one step away from completing her Grand Championship.


Coco - Canine Good Citizen, CGC & CGCA

Coco has achieved her Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advanced. She is waiting to test for her Canine Good Citizen Urban. Being a good citizen is extremely important to every dog because basic obedience and social skills are critical. Jan is a certified CGC Evaluator.


Coco the Therapy Dog

Jan got involved with therapy dog training and therapy dog work after her father's illness. For many years Jan and her dogs have visited care facilities bringing tail wagging happiness to many. Currently Coco does therapy work for a hospice organization and the Ronald McDonald House. Coco is loved wherever she visits. Volunteer therapy work is our way of giving back to the community.


Coco Doing Tracking

Coco is currently working on her dog tracking certification. She loves the work and is an enthusiastic tracking participant finding treats as she moves forward in practice.


Coco, My Service Dog

Coco is a certified service dog and has trained extensively.


Coco's Tricks

Coco loves to do tricks. She easily does all of her obedience skills. She also does push-ups, gives a hug, sits pretty, brings in the newspaper, picks up any object she is asked to, spins around, fetch objects, and plays "find it."


Coco Being Coco

Coco brings smiles to everyone she meets each and every day. We never know what Coco will do next, showing her adorable, loving, funny and heartwarming personality.

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