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Coco & Amedeo's Puppies, 4 Weeks Old!

The puppies are 4 weeks old! They celebrated their first Christmas and Santa Paws was very good to them.

We are continuing to cuddle them individually. Socialization is so important and takes place 24/7 here. It is a regular snuggle and play time with the pups. They love being held and amazingly enough, many are making full eye contact, asking to be picked up- How can I resist?

Each day a new toy is introduced to them.

They are walking on artificial grass to potty, rolled blankets, whelping box felt, low pile carpeting, shag carpeting and each other.

Coco now is using the chair in the whelping pen area, so that she can get away from the puppies and “escape” and she asks to come out for a break when puppies are napping. She looks like the Queen Mum in her chair!

Mid week the Whelping box was removed and they now have a larger play space.

They are using the potty grass area at least 40 % of the time which is wonderful!

The Pet Tunes speaker box is playing the calming music regularly.

The vacuum cleaner, can opener and Coffee grinder are some upsetting noises they are now familiar with. They have been introduced to startle noises of books, a pan, tin cans, slamming doors, barking dogs and more.

They have had a few visitors including adults, extended family and children ages 4-10 years.

They are eating and drinking eagerly from a food dish- we have tried several kinds and for now have settled on a 12 hole cupcake pan for meals. In the pie plate and puppy feeder they were taking a nice bath in their dinner!

They are waiting at the gate of the pen for their human family to come visit, which is really adorable.

They are napping a lot to their “I calm “ music. Their naps have frequent positional changes which is always fun to see the continually changing sleep arrangements.

They are hearing the puppy call when I feed them and am entering the pen. Its fun seeing them come running!

I’m feeding small treats to them individually by hand and they are licking yogurt and baby food meats off fingers. They are so gentle... it’s lovely.

Next week we begin some really fun Puppy Culture training protocols.

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Is wonderful to see the progress! You are working so hard...thank you! And Coco looks healthy, proud and happy! Happy New Year!

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